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Full Blast

by Skullcrack

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    • Full Blast 7" on yellow transparent vinyl (limited to 550), red transparent vinyl (limited to 550), or red/blue transparent split color (limited to 110).
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Pyromaniac 00:50
Heart sunk low with your head in your hands Scratching the bottom trying to make a plan Desperate for relief from the intolerable pain The remedy can only be to burn everything Fire, fire - Maniac I’m a pyromaniac Higher, higher - Fight back I’m a pyromaniac It’s easy to start, all you need is a spark Burn it down, start anew, you can do it too Trial by fire, onto the pyre Make ‘em suck on smoke like a pacifier
Staring at the wall, thinking of nothing at all Start to shiver, start to twitch, start to feel my fingers itch Plot and plan, get what I want anyway I can Vision’s gone blurry, about to get my hands dirty Gonna smash, going irate, gotta desecrate I’d be good if being bad didn’t feel so fucking great Never felt guilty, never a penalty What’s right and what’s wrong, it’s just a formality Born obscene, defiant ’til I’m dead Remain unseen, I stay one step ahead Won’t keep me caged, won’t be left to rot Because I’ve never, never been caught So quick to condescend, well you ain’t so innocent You just point your finger and wallow in contempt Living in a fantasy, a false sense of security You don’t have the guts to live like me Born obscene, defiant ’til I’m dead Remain unseen, I stay one step ahead Won’t keep me caged, won’t be left to rot Because I’ve never, never been caught Can’t be saved, won’t be outdone You call it depraved, I call it good clean fun Your rules are only an afterthought Because I’ve never, never been caught
The mask you’ve made The persona you’ve conveyed It’s all a fucking charade Peel back the facade To reveal a fraud Beneath that smirk you’re flawed Who are you trying to convince Is it me or your own consciousness Neither of us believe those lies What do you have to hide? Wearing thin, down to the skin Frail, thin veil, to cover those lies What, what do you have to hide? Think I’m impressed? Well, you’re wrong You’ve lied through your teeth to us all along Wearing a disguise, a dire guise You must have something to hide You misconstrue what’s true Askew, like the bullshit you spew Built on lies, you’re the one I despise You must have something to hide
We can fabricate a candidate A covert way to manipulate the head of state You could be our new recruit, a patsy in a suit The final attribute to make our power absolute We’ll hire the pundits to endorse our puppet And play this marionette like a string quartet Mingle with the elite, sit in the hot seat You can have a new career in deceit A lapel flag pin and a dirty grin You’re almost certainly guaranteed to win Just kiss some babies, press some flesh Start your career in public disservice Once you’re in it’s time to begin We’ll fill your cabinet with our businessmen Launch the rockets, increase our profits Watch the money roll in from the oval office You’ll pass our diatribe as your policy Commit warcrimes periodically Pander public fear and we’ll be the profiteer Fight an endless war that we engineer There’s nothing that we can’t handle Unless, of course, you start a public scandal Then you’re useless, but you’ve served your purpose During your career in public disservice Public disservice - Don’t forget to lock your office Protect and serve us - And you can line your pockets Serve no purpose - Just smile when you make a promise You’re fucking worthless
Bone To Pick 00:51
I can’t believe the shit you say Blind accusations and hearsay Wound so tight, full of spite You cling to any scene like a parasite You lead a witch hunt A publicity stunt To inflate your ego Importance placebo Pretentious clown Attention hound You make me sick I’ve got a bone to pick, with you I should feel sorry for you So vacant headed, nothing better to do When will your tirade end? When you’ve burned all your bridges and you have no friends Just stay at home, leave us alone You make me sick, I’ve got a bone to pick
Full Blast 01:31
Anything worth doing is worth overdoing Way too fast ain’t quite quick enough Running on fumes but I’m redlined Pedal to the floor until the end of time I think I’m allergic to moderation Oblivion is my only destination We won’t comply, play fast or die No, we’ll never stop, fuck off Can’t sit still, can’t take a rest Not moving forward feels like holding my breath Live life to excess, I have no regrets Take my chances like Russian roulette Today might be your last, let judgement lapse Turn it up full fucking blast No responsibility - Full blast No sympathy - Full blast Only Hostility - Full blast For mediocrity - Full fucking blast, up your ass
Skullcrack 01:46
Watch the dirt fill up with hot blood Covering your hands with burgundy mud Eyes roll back, thoughts fade to black Keep an open mind when your skull’s cracked Drill down, try to open your brain Release the pressure that’s causing the pain
One More 01:50
Once I get started you know that I can’t quit I’ll commit ’til I’m sick and I’m 86’d Don’t know if I’ll survive the night, but I’ll take the risk Lose count of the amount when a drink touches my lips Can’t stay on my feet Can barely see, c’est la vie Bruised and sore, on the floor But I’ll take one more I’m a machine, my breath smells like gasoline What do you mean I’m making a scene? This is my routine I’ll drink, you pour Until I’m face to face with the floor Now I’ve got the spins and I can’t use my limbs I either have double vision or everyone has a twin But maybe you’re right, I should call it a night Just one more before I see daylight
My whole life I’ve never had a glimmer of hope Going nowhere down a slippery slope Everyone against me, that’s my reality Bloated carcass in the street that’s my destiny I just can’t seem to break free No matter what I do I’m always fucked Doomed before I start, I’m shit out of luck Never get ahead, I can never catch a break Mistakes are the only thing I make Lemme tell you, If it’s not one thing, it’s two others Failure hanging over me, I’m smothered It’ll be the death of me, I know I’m cursed If my clogged arteries don’t kill me first Everything I try- Uphill battle Probably until I die- Always a hassle Lookin’ pretty bleak- Uphill battle I’m up shit creek- Without a paddle Under attack like I have a target on my back There’s a train coming and I’m tied to the tracks Take a walk in my shoes, you can’t take the abuse When it rains it pours, that’s my excuse


released May 13, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Erol Ulug at Bright Lights Studio, Santa Ana, CA
Mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege, Portland, OR


all rights reserved



Skullcrack California

“For fans of party-time lime” - Maximum Rocknroll

“Meat and potatoes thrash” - Razorcake

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